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In Italy we have a unique manufacturing heritage, and it’s our responsibility to protect it. This is why we have a network made up of 94 micro enterprises selected in every region of Italy, each specialised in a particular sector of production. Through this strategy of outsourcingItalian craftsmanship we can offer our customers all the quality and excellence of Made in Italy.

Our ambition is to help the finest Italian manufacturing tradition to surpass itself. Our collections are indeed designed not only to satisfy the most exacting tastes, but more importantly to ensure that an increasingly large number of people worldwide choose the value of elegance for their everyday lives. This is the objective that we set ourselves from the very start, because we are firmly convinced that the future will have room only for ethical fashion.

Climate change is a global issue that demands global solutions, but it also needs everyone to do the most they can. We can contribute in our own small way, leveraging a project of sustainable and intelligent innovation. We have already thrown down the gauntlet: we have launched all-round research to reduce the consumption of the production system, and we shall not let up until we have reached the decisive “zero impact” level.